Lake Baikal Expedition

BWT Lake Baikal Expedition

Storytelling and campaigning for the collaboration between the Swiss extreme athlete Ernst Bromeis and BWT, Europe’s leading water technology company. Ernst Bromeis wanted to swim 900 km across Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake on Earth, to raise awareness for the reduction of plastic water bottles. He has been forced to abandon his expedition after ten days for health reasons.

Client: BWT
PR Print & Online: Monika Ludwig (Redet & Rennt)
PR TV & Online: Lucky7even
Social Reach Optimization: Demir Cesar
Art Direction: Michael Breuninger
Photo: Max Threlfall
Photo: Maurice Haas
Film: Xaver Walser
Editor: Philipp Müller
Gifs: Kochstrasse – Agentur für Marken
Animation: Identitätsstiftung